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1,000 Things in Nature

1,000 Things in Nature




From soaring birds and towering trees high above your head to busy bugs and cozy burrows found beneath your feet, the natural world is full of treasures to be discovered. This book takes you across jungles, over deserts, through gardens, and under the ocean to see exactly 1,000 amazing things found in nature. The book takes children through lots of different habitats (the savannah, desert, jungle, under the sea, mountains, etc.) to see beautiful illustrations of the plants, natural features, and animals of these biomes. It also features pages like ‘Creepy-crawlies’, ‘Food in nature’, ‘Rocks, fossils & gems’, and ‘Feathers, eggs & nests’.


Age 6+
Size 9 3/4 x 11 7/8
Pages 34
Series 1,000 Things
Author Hannah Watson


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