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Meet Our Animals

Members of our farm family


This handsome fellow is sweet, gentle, and docile. He is happiest grazing in the orchard near his buddy, Star.


Star is the character of the farm. She loves to play and make mischief. Her best friend is Comet, and as a donkey she always needs to be near her best friend. She is fiercely protective of the farm against unknown animals and loyal to her human family.


Delilah has been with us since she was 6 weeks old! She is the sweetest little thing, loves belly-rubs and yummy snacks.

Fonzi and Gomez
Farm Cats

Our two farm cats are rescues and the sweetest mousers you will meet. They have grown so much since we first brought them home and they were too scared to come out of their carriers. When we are out working on the farm, they are always close by hunting gophers.

Holland lop bunny

Willow is a pint-sized bundle of cuteness and charm with floppy ears and sweet expressions