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Over 100 years in the making

Our orchard was planted in 1910, making our Stayman-Winesap apples over 100 years old.  The Swanson Family acquired the farm in 2002 and officially opened Willowbrook Apple Farm in 2004.  Through years of dedication and hard work, Cheryl Swanson built Willowbrook Apple Farm into a beloved family destination and the best-reviewed farm in Oak Glen.

When Cheryl chose us to continue caring for and running Willowbrook Apple Farm in 2018, we were truly honored.  It is clear when reading yelp reviews and speaking with previous customers and volunteers, that Cheryl created a place that touched many people’s hearts.  Willowbrook Apple Farm is a small, family-run operation and our family is honored to continue what Cheryl started.  We hope you will visit us and allow us to welcome you to Willowbrook Apple Farm.

With Love,

The Driscolls

P.S. Star, our mini-donkey, would also like to invite you to visit him…especially if you promise to share one of your apples!

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Orchard Planted

Our first Stayman-Winesap apples were planted


Swanson Family

The Swanson family acquired the farm

apple background


Willowbrook Apple Farm

The Swanson family officially opened Willowbrook Apple Farm to the public


Driscoll Family

Current owners, the Driscoll family, acquired Willowbrook Apple Farm