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Clean Crafted Wine

Wine Tasting

Try clean crafted wine with a perfect backdrop

At Willowbrook Apple Farm we are committed to providing products that are better for you and better for our planet. As part of that journey, we sell wine with the Scout and Cellar logo, because it means the wine is clean-crafted and have met their rigorous standards. We partner with growers and family-owned farms through Scout and Cellar to ensure we are providing delicious wine that’s better on the vine, in the bottle, and in your glass. Even better, you can come enjoy a glass of wine by a bonfire in apple country. Our wine tasting events have quickly become a customer favorite, with soft country music, a crackling fire, and lots of laughter and smiles.  A truly magical way to end a fall day in Oak Glen. We highly recommend you purchase tickets in advance for this event including reserving an artfully curated charcuterie box to pair perfectly with your wine!  The charcuterie boxes have to be reserved at least ten days in advance and all tickets can be purchased online.  We hope you join us!

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W i l l o w b r o o k A p p l e F a r m